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Healing with tibetian singing bowls

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Similar to a musical instrument that can fall out of tune through use, our bodies can also fall out of vibrational harmony and potentially develop illness. Stress and negativity create blockages of a healthy flow of energy, showing up in the energy field around our body as lower energy disturbances at first, and later as illness in our physical body.
Sound and vibration can be used to re-tune us to health and one of the most powerful modalities for this is the use of Tibetian singing bowls.

When there is a deep relaxation through soothing, resonant sound, the body is affected on a cellular level, opening up the flow of energy to move us back toward vibrational alignment with health. Sound can help us to shift our energy frequency from lower to higher, removing the lower frequencies of emotions such as fear, anger and resentment. 
Most importantly, stress is the root of many of our twenty-first century diseases and it’s through relaxation of the body that balance, health and happiness can be restored. The salutary effect produced by the unseen force of the vibrating bowls, combined with prayer. As much as 70 percent of the human body is made up of water, so when you strike a singing bowl next to your body, the vibration makes a mandala (pattern) in your body, which is healing and relaxing.

Sound therapy benefits:

Reduced stress ♡ Improved memory and concentration ♡ Reduced blood pressure ♡ Life fore flow stimulation in the body ♡ Boosted immunity ♡ Harmonized chakras and energy field ♡ Heightened intuition and perception ♡ Synchronized brain hemispheres ♡ Removed mental and emotional negativity ♡ Enhanced creativity

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Svaha is a certificated pranic healer, practicing bhakti yogini and sound therapist. She works intuitively combining aromatherapy, meditation, breathwork, no touch energy healing and therapeutic sound, to help you find peace and feel restored. She helped people to let go of stress related symptoms linked with grief, relationships, work burnout, creative blocks, addictions, reach life goal achievements etc.   

Svaha offers Peter Hess ® sound massage, a scientifically recognized method used as a complementary treatment for relaxation and maintaining one’s well-being. Relaxation with sound and vibrations will provide support for your overall health.  

If you are not sure whethever a sound therapy is a right choice for you, please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you shortly.



What clients say about sound therapy

Personal Sound Therapies

Select the best option

TIME: Monday – Saturday 2pm – 7 pm.

PLACE: Parklands Place 7, Co. Dublin, Saggart

1:1 Sound Therapy

Try and save
45 1 therapy
  • Free 15 minutes consultation before the first therapy
  • 1 personalised 60 minutes lenght sound therapy

1:1 Sound Therapy

Buy 6 save €60
240 6 therapies
  • Free 15 minutes consultation before the first therapy
  • 6 personalised 60 minutes lenght sound therapies

1:1 Sound Therapy

Pay what you can
25 recommended minimum donation for 1 therapy
  • Free 15 minutes consultation before the first therapy
  • 1 personalised 60 minutes lenght sound therapy

1:1 Sound therapy address:

Group Sound Therapies

Enjoy sound bath in association

TIME: Friday 6pm – 7 pm; Saturday 3pm – 4pm  


* Garden (Parklands Place 7, Co. Dublin, Saggart ) – summer season only!

* Studio in the city center (address to be confirmed)

PARTICIPANTS: 6-8 people. Limited number! Advanced bookings required.

Group Sound Therapy

In the garden
15 1 therapy
  • 45 minutes lenght sound therapy
  • 10 - 15 minutes meditation

Group Sound Therapy

In the studio
25 1 therapy
  • 45 minutes lenght sound therapy
  • 10 - 15 minutes meditation

Group sound therapy in the garden address:


Need more info?

Svaha Sound therapy offers Peter Hess ® sound therapy, a scientifically recognised method used as a complementary treatment for relaxation and maintaining one’s well-being. These sessions are not designed to diagnose, cure, or treat. Instead, they are focused on relaxation with sound and vibrations, which will provide support for your overall health.

In short, you should feel deeply relaxed, grounded and energised. Svaha Sound Therapy clients report feeling a sense of safety, calmness, joy and bliss. A sound massage will ease tensions, so the body feels light. It also reinforce self-healing capabilities.

Sound massage is completely safe during pregnancy. Pregnant women are, in fact, more sensitive. Therefore, they are more aware of and receptive to the gentle sound waves and vibrations. You will feel balanced, calm and grounded. It can even help you reduce fear, and support you mentally for the act of childbirth. The only suggestion is to avoid sound massage sessions during the first trimester.

Sound therapies are completely safe and very beneficial for children. The harmonic sounds will calm the child’s mind, while the smooth sound vibrations will gently stimulate the body and provide a pleasant relaxation. 

People having musicogenic epilepsy (or any type of epilepsy) should seek advice from their GP.

  • Musicogenic epilepsy is a rare form of complex reflex epilepsy with seizures induced by listening to music, although playing, thinking or dreaming of music have all been noted as triggers.

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