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Personal sound therapy 1 session (limited)


1 sound therapy – pay what you can

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  • FREE 15 minutes  consultation
  • 6o minutes personalised sound massage
Count 30 minutes extra time for the settling, feedback, etc.
I strongly believe in what I am doing. I want everyone to experience the benefits of sound therapy regardless of their financial situation. There is a limited amount of therapies every month offered for donations. I call it “pay what you can”. It is also a good option for those who want to pay more than the regular price because it also helps to cover the cost of those who are not in a position to pay full price. Thank you for your generosity and kindness.
Booking appointment is required.
 Appointments available: 
Monday – Saturday 2pm – 7 pm. 
Svaha Sound therapy offers Peter Hess ® sound bath, a scientifically recognised method used as a complementary treatment for relaxation and maintaining one’s well-being. Relaxation with sound and vibrations will provide support for your overall health.  
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