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Group sound therapy in the studio 1 session


1 sound therapy


  • 10 – 15 minutes  meditation
  • 45 minutes sound bath in a group  
Count 30 minutes extra time for the settling, feedback, etc.
Voucher valid for any upcoming session. Use your it within a 6 months of purchase.
Booking appointment is required.
 Appointments available: 
Friday 6pm – 7 pm; 
Saturday 3pm – 4pm
LOCATION: there is no permanent location, but group therapies takes in Dublin. Follow announcements in the social media. If for whatever reason the location is not suitable for you, you can exchange this voucher to personal sound therapy in Svaha Sound Therapy Studio.
Svaha Sound therapy offers Peter Hess ® sound bath, a scientifically recognised method used as a complementary treatment for relaxation and maintaining one’s well-being. Relaxation with sound and vibrations will provide support for your overall health.  
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