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How you helped Namadeya become a reality

We are thrilled that our products and services have become a yardstick of quality for our customers. They are not just buying products or services, but an experience at Namadeya.   

Agne Vadlamannati, Namadeya CEO

Namadeya (sanskr. Namadheya) meaning “name”, “title”

I started my handmade bussines after I got my name (surename) changed due to marriage. Name is a first identifing feature which charaterise a person and it undoubtly has a strong influence on peoples lives. Its difficult to say or the start of this bussines was influenced by name changing or it is just natural flow. However, as a result I got some nice creative ideas and developed a plan on how to fulfill them.
During my life journey, I worked in different jobs and in verious feilds looking to apply my talents and skills. I often felt natual attraction to arts and enjoyed generating creative ideas. That little by little helped me to make a decision where and how I should direct myself and apply them.
I remember very well that I was very enthusiastic to prepare for my engagement and wedding decorations, gifts etc. entirely by myself. I thought who else could do these things for my event better than me?
during my engagement and marriage preperations where I wanted to apply some personalised ideas and unique decorations I underestimated how much time, effort and organisation it requires. Half of my ideas wasn’t fulfilled because of lack of time, additional manpower and because I ordered most of items from China, they took long time to arrive and even some of them didn’t arrive on time… Nevertheless it wasn’t a disaster, but that took lots of energy, time, effort and caused unnecessary stress…
Naturally, it was one of these days when you want everything to be and to look perfect…
and when something goes not according to your plan (as it usually does) everything may appear quite challenging to handle… If I would have a chance to reorganise my most important events I wouldn’t do that creative things on my own. I would rather like to get them ready for me so that I could invest my time, effort and energy in other engagement, wedding arrangements or just relax and have a peaceful sleep. 
Forget all headaches…
related to your event gift preperations, decorations, accessories, etc. Get professionally set personalised gifts created just for your occasion. 
Enjoy your Big Day with the Big Smile 🙂 !
Choose Namadeya and we can guarantee not only you but also your event guests will be impressed!

Our services covers verious events:

⦁ Wedding
⦁ Engagement party
⦁ House warming party
⦁ Stag, Hen party
⦁ Christening
⦁ Baby shower
⦁ Birthday party
⦁ Christmas, Easter
⦁ Mother’s day, Father’s day
⦁ Teacher’s day
⦁ Funeral,
⦁ etc.