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New Collection!

The best selling collection!

The Merry Christmas Collection

Step intoย  Namadeya’s Christmas wonderland. This collection is unique, warm, cozy, and funny. It includes personalised keepsakes and tags, 2020 pandemic ornaments, buttons, banners, advent calendar tags, and even photo ornaments. Enjoy! Merry Christmas everyone!

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The best selling collection!

The Gorgeous Bloom Collection

This collection is very lovely, elegant and blossoming. All the items are nicely colored and most of them have an option of cute floral decoration attaching to them. Step into our enchanted garden and enjoy The Gorgeous Bloom collection!
Your Christmas celebration will never be the same again.

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High quality

We do not compromise on quality. We use only the best quality materials to ensure long lasting results.

Budget friendly

We are making all items from start to finish ourselves. We don't send them anywhere, so there is no hidden extra cost.

Unique designs

All items from start to finish are made in Namadeya studio. We offer a wide variety of customisation options.

Special sales

We offer bulk sales, first purchase discounts and other festive discounts.

Speedy processing

Most often we are processing our items before the indicated processing time.

Free gifts

We offer free gifts for our customers.

Gifts for every occasion

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